Helping Innovate, Transform & Execute Digital Ventures

1. Business Consultancy

We supply an entourage of fixed cost business planning and operational support services to remotely assist both our own and clients’ digital ventures. Our services are designed to increase operational effectiveness, and a more rapid introduction of new products.

We address business challenges and unlock business value by applying proven process methodologies with integrated IT and Business Process Outsourcing solutions. Our industry expertise allows us to interface with and engage business owners and teams instantly and productively.

We apply business excellence frameworks to deliver result-oriented benefits to our client’s digital ventures through reduced costs, ongoing productivity improvements, and process re-engineering.

Repeatedly Developing New & Valuable Digital Ventures

2. Startup Studio

We aim to build in parallel multiple digital startup ventures using an interdisciplinary body and highly effective infrastructure, which in time will be financially and operationally independent.

We prove the hypothesis of ideas then, using proven business models, quickly build digital Minimal Viable Products. We identify growth sectors, typically undergoing some technology or regulatory discontinuity, and look to build scalable spin-off digital enterprises.

We diversify entrepreneurial risks through building-up platforms using cutting-edge technologies and standardised processes. Projects share coveted resources, management, infrastructures, software and skilled community competencies.