Innovation & Growth

Proving the hypothesis of ideas to craft into online ventures that provide strong value creation.

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Yenaled Capital is a UK Internet Startup Studio that conceives, develops and supports independent profitable online businesses from conception to exit. Our goal is to build local marketplaces with global potential.

Most product ideas are born internally, but occasionally we partner with early stage teams. When that happens, we act as true co-founders, putting our platform to work and providing hands-on help across product, growth, recruiting and all other critical areas in the early days of a company’s life.

We focus on the rapid development and prototyping of new products that take proven online business models to new, fast-growing markets.

We combine our knowledge, networks, funding and skills to back new ideas that aim at making consumers’ life easier by harnessing the power of the Internet.

We operate across sectors (including media, entertainment, education, and technology), working with others to turn good ideas into reality.

We diversify entrepreneurial risks through building up platforms using cutting-edge technologies and standardized processes. We identify synergies and share learnings across projects and people.

Innovate: Each idea is tested internally using a unique methodology.
Build: We develop a cutting-edge product along with a great business plan.
Scale: We aim to partner with local media to scale up the business.

We Build Ventures

Our portfolio range from a mature company in full bloom, to an early stage startup, still in private beta.

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Online Marketing Agency that accelerates small business growth online through designing, building, maintaining and promoting websites.

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If you would like to find out more about our work, become a partner, or enlist our help, please contact us.

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Enabling businesses and consumers to forecast, explore, compare and buy trends inspired by the most fashion-forward cities.