Our exit plan provides owners with a clear path to make an informed decision, control the process, and leave the business on their own terms. Owners gain control of the transfer process, moving the business to whom they wish to transfer, when they want to exit. The information our plans provides can liberate owners by moving trapped money out of their business, protecting their wealth, and guiding owners into their next life stage. This is a powerful process that moves owners toward financial independence and protects their legacy.

• Set exit goals
• Determine if there is a financial gap to worry about
• Plan the right time to leave
• Identify what type of exiting owner you are
• Illustrate exit options
• Measure the “range of values” for each business
• Assemble an advisory team
• Understand how taxes, deal structuring, and legal agreements will impact the exit
• Establish a customized plan for the exit that protects hard-earned wealth

Note: This exit strategy is not the same as facilitating the sale of a business.

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